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WA to AZ Squares: Peek #4

I think I added the last two squares onto the Arizona Squares project this week. The rest of the design will be done with borders and titles. Yup, that’s what’s going to happen.

It was a tough call, because originally I had planned a square for each day my daughter Becca and I spent together on our trip to move her to Arizona. However, that trip was fraught (cool word, fraught)… fraught with problems DISASTERS and we don’t really need to have some of those days represented! So, 8 “squares” and some Bonus Features around the edges feels like the way to go.

You can see and read about the progress and meanings of the squares here, here, and here. This is what I have to add…

The city of Casa Grande AZ has a pretty clever little logo that shows up on all their street name signs. Becca commented on it one day, and after deciding I could reproduce it in embroidery, it was on my list for this project. It looks far better with the fabric stretched in the hoop — stretched as it will be when it is completely finished. Out of the hoop, the long floating threads look just a bit saggy!

Then, I summed up all the good days (and the not-so-happily-remembered travel-disaster days) with one big colorful heart. This was such a good bonding time for Becca and me. We haven’t had the chance to spend much time together ever since she left for her sophomore year of college. I’ll always treasure this trip for the chance to get to know my ADULT kid all over again. :)

I added fruit pods to the saguaro cactus you might notice. It just didn’t seem finished after I lived with it a while. With a little internet research I discovered that what I thought were flower buds weren’t. We were a few weeks late for the blossoms, but the fruits were turning from green to pinkish, soon to be red and popping open to expose their fruits to the birds and other creatures of the desert. I love the internet for info like this!!

I’ll eventually get this done! I have some ideas brewing about the surrounding embroidery designs.

Don’t forget — you can find an assortment of additonal photos from Sam’s and my projects on flickr! The link’s always in the sidebar :)

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