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Embroidery — the Early Years

I thought I’d share a couple old projects today. I ran across these two pieces of embroidery when I was cleaning and sorting recently. I did these when I was around 12 years old – they’re really old! They’re downright ancient! Don’t do the math on that color scheme era ;)

I can’t recall who funded the purchase of the first kit with the apple slices (me or my mom), but as soon as that was finished –  just a couple days – there was nothing doing but I had to go get another one. I was hooked on crewel embroidery!

I am fortunate that these kits used actual linen fabric (I think) and wool yarn or they’d be in worse shape than they are now. It’s too bad I didn’t realize for so many years that the cardboard and cheapo “brass” metal frames I put them in, with masking tape no less, were causing such damage.

I really like the little 3-D bee. Tufting stitches are a fun effect to work into projects using a fluff-able thread/yarn. There’s chain stitch for the red apple, backstitch for edge lines, satin stitch to fill smoothly, lazy daisies and French knots – I have relied on these stitches all through the years.

Even though I’ll just keep them tucked away where I’ll run across them now and then, I’m glad I have them. Not bad for a kid following the kit’s instruction sheet. That’s how I’ve learned most of my embroidery skills :)


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