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A Simple Little Flower

I’ve been getting the itch to drag out my wedding photos and do some more scrapbooking lately!  I’ve been married for over three years but its my ongoing joke that I’m going to be scrapping my wedding for at least the next ten.  I love every single one of my wedding photos so much that I can’t not scrapbook them all.  :)

Since I will probably be working on this album forever, to keep it all consistent I decided at the very beginning to keep a color scheme of white, black, and teal with silver accents.  My wedding colors!

I discovered these simple little flower embellishments recently and I adore making them!  So in prep for doing some wedding scrapbooking soon I decided to make some in my colors!

They are so easy to make!  Cut circles, I used my cricut to make it go faster.  And glue together the layers!  You can make them many layered, or with just a few layers.  You can crinkle the paper to add dimension to the flower, or you can leave the paper pristine for a crisp flower.  You can chalk the edges, you can add a brad or a button!  For such a simple flower you can mix it up in so many ways!  I love it!

What is your current fave scrapbooking embellishment?


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