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Get Linked! & Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful three-day weekend somewhere fancy!  ;)

Hubs and I spent our weekend at a family cabin on the canal!  And although it was a work weekend (we were re-painting the cabin) it has still been filled with good times and great food!

I’m hoping that most of you aren’t spending today online and are out doing something awesome, so my feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t read this post ;)

HOWEVER… I’ll leave you with a few links that are inspiring me for this week, maybe you will find something that will inspire you too!

My goober dog, Maverick, has been kenneled for this weekend so I’ve been thinking about making him these to spoil him later this week.

I feel I need to eat more summer corn before that deliciousness is gone so here are 12 recipes that are looking DELICIOUS!

Thinking I might actually get out some paper crafts this week, isn’t this a beautiful friendship card?!

This is just AWESOME!  and reminded me of Mom!

Ran across these… and YUM.  Is it Thanksgiving yet?  Might have to roast a turkey early just so I can make these everyday for lunch!

Thinking ahead even more, toward Christmas… aren’t these adorable?  I think I could make something like these!  (Creative blog idea in the making!)

Ok, like I said… GREAT food this weekend.  So I might have to eat just fruits and veggies this week to make up for it.  ;)  These definitely made the list!

And when I get tired of just fruits and veggies… there is this twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie!

So with that I leave you with the only creation I actually made this weekend… Cranberry Margaritas!!

Just 2oz tequila, 2oz cranberry juice, 2oz + margarita mix, ice and a squeeze of lime!  Delish!  The cranberry juice cuts the sweet of the margarita mix perfectly in my opinion!  Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day Weekend!


  • Gail at 2Create in Color - EEEEEEE!!!! First, I really liked that you called me awesome ;) and then I followed the link — I can see why you thought of me! Thanks for the little sewing-geeky thrill!
    Gail, co-blogger, and mom :D09.03.2012 – 4:15pmReplyCancel

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