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Weekend WIP: Belle Dress

I know a couple little girls who are in for a big surprise in a couple weeks. I get to play a part and I’m so excited! Today I am going to show you my work-in-progress on a size 2T Disney’s Belle dress for a toddler fashionista who loves yellow.

And this dress is YELLOW. Very yellow! All the white you see is just reflection off the satin surface of the yellow brocade. We have shiny, sparkly, sheer, glittery, curvy yellowness everywhere.

In Sam’s and my bios (–> right sidebar) we both mention how our technical training brings a whole new level to our crafting. Not all the time; not every project. But for me, when I sew, my uber-technical-perfectionist self is let loose to play and I love it. I’m no expert but I can do a pretty good job of taking a basic pattern into a whole new place. And make it fit. And it won’t fall apart.

It’s a fun thing. Hope you enjoyed this peek of sunshine-y yellow! You’ll be seeing more of this, and the sister’s dress, this coming week. Hee hee!


PS Back on Saturday morning blog posts for you next week!

  • JAMIE - I adore it! They are such lucky girls! Thank you so much Gail!!!!!! Can’t wait to see more!08.25.2012 – 9:43pmReplyCancel

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