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Antique Sewing Machine Collage

I am so absorbed by collage! My journey has just begun in this area of creativity; don’t think that I don’t know that’s a beginner piece of work up there. But it’s what I’m creating these days. My mind is stuck on the collage channel.

You have to practice things to get better at them… and that’s what I’m doing.

It is quite an adventure to be able to dig into almost every group of supplies I have, and combine things in different ways than I ever expected!


Those are real pins along the edge of the picture — that is a fun touch, I thought.  And I found a loose label amongst the old wooden spools of thread I have stashed.


I’ve used my Marvy Artist pens to color the spools on the sewing machine — I love those pens!

On to the next piece! Don’t worry, you won’t have to look at every one from this phase :)





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