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WA to AZ Squares: Peek #3

Short and sweet today! I’m continuing to work on my embroidery project using motifs in squares and rectangles to represent the good and memorable parts of my daughter Becca’s and my trip to Arizona in July. I say “good and memorable” with firm intent, as there were a lot of … not-so-fun adventures on that trip! You can see other parts of this project here and here.

I was fascinated by the stately saguaro cacti we saw as we got into the southern parts of Arizona. I took a lot of pictures of them from the car, some of which actually have cactus in them! ;) Β As I looked through my pictures, I studied their shapes and arrangements and textures. Then I let all that visual information brew in the back of my mind for some time.

A couple weeks later, I sat down with floss and needle. Using rows of chain stitch I drew this cactus on the cloth. I filled between the rows with long overlapping straight stitches. I may add some french knot flower buds at the top, but for now I’m quite happy with this 2.5″ cactus!

I think she looks pretty sassy, and like she’s happy to see us arrive! “Oh, YAY! You’re here! Welcome!”

Sam’s computer called in sick to work on Sunday night/Monday, so hopefully we’ll all get to see what she’s got for us on Wednesday!



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