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Message on a Bottle!

On Wednesday I jumped on the wine-cork-crafting bandwagon.  Today I’m continuing the theme in two ways… jumping on the chalkboard-paint bandwagon and using some left over wine bottles!

I gathered various sized wine bottles over the last couple months, picked up some chalkboard spray paint and chalk and got to work!  It was beautiful outside yesterday so I set up camp in the driveway.  You will notice I started with four bottles and ended with three… I made the mistake of letting my crazy dog outside while I was working, and needless to say he knocked the bottles over and one broke… the short stubby one I loved the most!  oops… should’ve known better!

So after I cleaned up the mess (cutting my finger in the process… hence, the band-aid)… I sprayed the first coat of paint and then took a popsicle break!  Can I just give a shout out to the dreyer’s fruit bars… Yummmmm!

I sprayed a couple more light coats to finish it off.  I rather liked the abstract pattern left over when I finished… might have to create something featuring that idea soon.  :)

I also wanted to note that in reading the directions for spraying the chalkboard paint it said to do light coats to avoid dripping.  You will notice… I have drips.  But I made the conscious decision to do that.  I wanted it to look sort of dipped, plus I thought it would be kind of a fun detail come Halloween time.  :)

To finish prepping the bottles you rub the whole thing down with chalk and erase it off to give it the final chalkboard finish!

And then the bottles were ready for their messages!  I went simple and placed them over my mantle!  I really like the black that goes with my black wood stove!  I’m excited that I can continually change the message on the bottles too!  I’m imagining spider webs and spiders for Halloween, poinsettias and snowflakes and Santa Claus for Christmas, and I could even stick some long-stemmed flowers in them if I want to!  It’s the craft I get to keep being creative with!  Have any suggestions for me to draw?


  • Rinku - I saw this and fell in love. I’m trying to figure out the best place for it in my house. I was thinking above my fireplace like in the picture but I think somewhere in my very white kitchen (I may have to share that with you since I just read your post about your kitchen) might just be the right place. So awesome. Thanks for the instructions. Enjoying your site.09.30.2012 – 11:03amReplyCancel

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