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Get Linked! My Perfect Creative Studio

Today’s post is brought to you by a Very Lonely Quilt Top. It is not a UFO; it is “a work in progress.”  But, it is buried. It is being a tablecloth on a table full of stuff to put away. It is wishing that it could magically be free and live in a perfect world where it would get finished. It wants to live in my imaginary, organized, decorated, tidy perfect studio.

My perfect creative studio…

…would be a house.

I’d invite you over every day to play with me!

We could start off in the Kitchen, which would have endless counter space, a pantry that resembles the best grocery store you ever saw, all the amazing specialty pans, tools, and serve-ware you have ever coveted (oh wait, maybe that’s just me,) self-washing dishes, and cushy floor mats that never got gunky under my bare feet. And fans. We would make lattes and muffins. Or tea if you must.

(Note: all photos will click through to their original sites where I found them)

We can cook and bake anything we want! It will always be delicious and zero-cal!


The Living Room would have full spectrum lamps and pincushions at every seat, with ottomans and toss pillows that were always just the right size and shape to support the legs, elbow, low back, or neck. There would be on-demand chick flicks, good music, and lots of places to set your Pepsi or espresso drinks with no worry of them spilling. Oh, sorry, Sam! …or microbrew or cute-label wine.

Turn on your (currently invisible) Ott Light and hang out in the living room — craft, read, visit, or snooze!


Each bedroom would be dedicated to a different craft: the Very Large Master Bedroom and closet would be all about sewing and quilting and fabric art!

This could get us started on our fabric creations!


And yes, of course, we have a long arm quilter and more fabric… My Very Lonely Quilt would be happy here.

I think I’m ready to make a quilt! Or maybe finish one of my UFOs (she says sheepishly)


We’d have a Yarn and Small Crafts Room, where we’d also store the jewelry making and clay crafting stuff, complete with the right work surfaces for each, and a couple of clay ovens to boot.  Yarn on one side…

Ooooh, needles or hook for you? I’ll take needles today.


… and jewelry et al on the other!

I like this jewelry-making station — lots of green! :)


We’d have a Paper-Crafting Room with tables and fully stocked paper storage racks, with drawers of punches, stamps, sprays, embellishments and the like plus overhead outlets in the center of the room for cutters and heat guns.

All the light reflecting around would make this a great space to work!


It coordinates a bit with part of our (imaginary *sigh*) perfect sewing room, doesn’t it? Here’s another corner…

I feel like stamping, embossing, and tinting with those Copic markers! Right now!


The Utility Room would be huge, with a few sinks, waterproof everything, stainless steel commercial kitchen worktables (overhead outlets there, too,) drying racks/lines, and at least two washers that never got unbalanced – this is where we’d paint and dye and do all the messy stuff like making background papers and batiking (and prewashing all the lovely fabric.)


The Dining Room would be lined with bookcases full of all the best and latest inspiring crafting, sewing, and related art books. The chairs would be cushy, and there would always be zero-calorie deliciousness to enjoy right there in the middle of the table. None of which would cause sticky or stained spots on the books.

The table, of course, would expand as needed! An eclectic collection of comfy chairs is in the hall — pull one in!


There would also be a big shady Front Porch with swings, rocking chairs, no bugs, lots of birds (that wouldn’t poop on the porch rail ever. grrr!)  The Gardens front and back would be constantly blooming with flowers of all colors and never need weeding. The herb garden would have cilantro that didn’t bolt upon sprouting (!) and perfect basil to use in all the amazing recipes under development in the kitchen (or just a good marinade for the salmon.)

I would paint this green and add 2 more porch swings. And hanging fuchsias.


All the rooms are just a step away from each other.  If only!

Anyone who came to play at my house would enjoy the best of the western Washington summer weather, when you can leave the windows open 24/7 and always be comfortable. While we’re at it, Portland OR and Seattle WA (including north 100+ miles, where quilting is huge) would be closer together so we could go shopping at all the awesome places for supplies just a short distance away.

(Edited in later: to keep the idea going, I made a Pinterest board!)

Reality Check:   I’m spending today cleaning up my overcrowded sewing-crafting room and not looking forward to it. Could you tell? I hope my Coffee Obsession Quilt is still hiding in there somewhere ;)

Happy Weekend!


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