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Hanging Curtains: Creative and Quick


REPL 9/20

Quick and Easy Recipe for Curtains:  Take a tight budget, speed shopping, and creative thinking. Add synergy, luck, and determination. Mix ingredients one by one and bake for a few days in 95 – 117 degree Arizona heat. Enjoy colorful results with no damage to boring apartment walls!

Becca picked the length for the curtain rod we made out of these bamboo sticks. We overlapped them for strength, and wrapped them very tightly with wire in several places– be sure to push the cut ends into the gaps between sticks to prevent snags.

This was the second project I did with Becca in her far-distant and far warmer Arizona apartment. We had set a goal to leave her apartment in “Welcome Home!” shape at the end of our five day settling-in phase. We didn’t get started on putting up these bedroom curtains until 10pm-ish on the night before we left for her training with AmeriCorps in Denver.

REPL 9/20

Ingredients and Equipment:  She had the dark-stained bamboo sticks from a World Market shopping trip over a year ago. We bought sheer curtain panels that coordinated with her stuff at a discount store, and dark brown wire plus a value-pack of these large hooks at a craft store with coupons! The only tools we needed were the wire cutters from her tool kit and a step stool.

Because everything we used was so lightweight –  sheer curtain panels, bamboo, aluminum wire – three damage-free plastic hooks were more than strong enough to get the job done, with two more for holdbacks.

We got creative with the leftovers, especially since she likes bamboo so very much. A loose spiral of all the remaining jewelry wire (with the sharp ends looped back) turned them into a free-standing décor piece in an empty corner.

repl 9/20

 The panels were a little too full of body to tuck nicely behind the holdback hooks so it looks a little silly in the picture. I’ve got a new creative plan for that you will probably see in the future. She’s not planning on tucking them aside, but I say be prepared! ;)

So, that’s how we added some color and interest to the room — creative and quick curtain hanging!




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