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DIY Grecian Color Palette

I love looking at color palettes, my faves for inspiration are Design Seeds and Photo Card Boutique.  But sometimes I am looking for something specific, so in those cases why not create my own?  I’ve been holding on to this calendar since 2008 because of its gorgeous photos of Greece!  The photos were taken by Georges Meis… gorgeous work!  I’ve been thinking in the back of my mind that when we re-do our bedroom and bathroom in the next year or two I’d love to use these photos as inspiration.  Maybe even frame a few for the room!  So using these photos I decided to take a stab at creating my own color palette!  I even did it in the simple paint program on my computer, not photoshop, so I could show you how to create your own!

First gather all your inspiration photos and choose one that is fairly simple but represents where you want to go.  I chose the photo at the top of this blog post because I feel like it gives me that overall feeling I’m going for (whites and blues with little pops of color) but doesn’t have too many colors to choose from.  Then follow the steps below…

1. Open photo and drag the bottom right hand corner of the canvas out to create a white bar on the right side of the photo.  2. Using the color-picker tool choose colors straight from your photo.  3. Using the Edit Colors feature add the colors you chose to the overall color palette one at a time.  4. Make sure your outline and fill colors are the same. 5. Use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle with your first color.  6. Repeat step five and add however many colors you want to the right hand column.  Voila!  Color Palette done!

See how easy that was?  Now I have my own color palette to work from as I go about designing my bedroom/bathroom makeover!

I might just have to make this a regular habit for more projects because it was super fun picking the coordinating colors!


PS… Due to camera issues and the last day of travel, my Momma couldn’t make her post yesterday, but she will be back tomorrow like normal!  :)

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