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DIY Crochet Headband!

Unknowingly my Mom and I decided to post back to back crochet posts, because as she said… they are easy to do on a trip!  I went away for the weekend and needed something easy and creative to take along, so I threw in some new yarn and a crochet hook… DONE!  These first three photos are from my trip… but right after them when I went to make a yarn ball I pulled an ‘oops’ and made myself a tangled mess… it took me the rest of the trip to untangle and make my yarn ball, so I didn’t actually get to crochet until I got home late last night.  LOL.

Anyway, isn’t this yarn amazing?!  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it, even though the price tag was a little more than I would usually pay.  But look at the color and texture!  Gorgeous!

Because I loved this yarn so much I knew I wanted to make something for myself so I decided on a little headband.  And it was so easy I decided to I’d share a little on how to do-it-yourself!

1. Start with your yarn and appropriately sized yarn hook.  (See yarn label for manufacturer’s suggestion) 2. Make a slip knot and crochet your chain stitch as long as you want your headband.  (I kept wrapping mine around my head as I went to approximate, keeping in mind I wanted some lengths at the end to tie.  It ended up about 3ft long.) 3. Make a row of single crochet.  4. Make a row of half-double-crochet.  5. Make a row of single crochet, tie off.

If you are an absolute beginner, see here and here.

After it was all done I tried some different ways of styling it.  It did a great job of holding back yesterday’s wild mess of wavy hair.  I thought adding the little knot at the top was kind of a cute idea.  And I think my favorite way to wear it was with my hair up.  I’m going to practice some different ways of tying it on so it looks cute!

PS… the outtake… hubby took that photo right after I had slammed my right ‘funny bone’ into the towel holder… I was half crying, half laughing.  Today it is visually bruised, and extremely sore!  Ouchies!  ;)

How would you style it?


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