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Simple Thank You!

Thank you cards… something I always think is a great idea and something I almost always forget to make.  This time I actually remembered and to reinforce  the habit I tried to keep it quick and simple so that the task would always be easy to accomplish!  This card from start to finish only took me about ten minutes to put together and I think it’s got a couple great little touches!

I took the front of a pre-made embossed card and used my ‘plum berry’ chalk ink to distress the front of it.  It gave the embossed pattern some depth and color!  Then I chose a patterned paper I really enjoyed and used my square punch to cut three even pieces and glued them down.  Next I layered flower with a button center combined with a little twig clump.  (PS… I literally picked that twig clump out of my driveway a few weeks ago and look how perfect it works!)  And last I used my fave… GLAZE pens… to add some interest to the card.  These pens are awesome!!  Not only do they come in fun colors but when they dry they look embossed!  With each color I traced some of the patterns in the paper with dots and then wrote Thanks in the bottom corner.

I told you… EASY!  and I think the patterns, colors, and embossed elements really give it some depth and character!

How’s that for a simple thank you?!  :)


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