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Very Basic Embroidery

embroidered part in the center

A few years ago, I discovered that many fabric manufacturers were printing coffee-themed fabric. Wherever you were, you probably heard my shout of happiness. I’m pretty sure everyone in the store did at least. Two of my favorite things, together! Immediately I imagined project after project… or maybe I just knew I had to have all the coffee print fabric I could get! Or both.

As the months and years went by, anytime I had the chance to search out and buy different coffee prints, I did. Sometimes they weren’t different. Oops. Sometimes, like the one I used for today’s project, they were just too different – they didn’t “play well with others” in my coffee fabric hoard stash… er, collection.

This black and white print called out for something other than being included in one of my quilted efforts. I like it; I wanted to use it, just not with the others. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to just doodle on it with colorful thread. Doodle embroidery is a fun trend right now, but I can’t say as that’s what inspired me. It’s not quite the same thing that I did here.

embroidery just begun, floss colors

I chose some colors that struck me as a happy collection to use on black and white. As I was finishing up, I realized they very closely resembled the colors Sam and I chose for the blog! Too funny! Then I put a section of the fabric in a hoop and just had fun. No planning needed. It was very relaxing.

I used just a few simple embroidery stitches – old friends to me!  There are running stitch, backstitch, chain stitch, one flower made out of lazy daisy stitches, a few cross stitches, and a bunch of French knots.

stitch close ups

What will I do with the result? I’m pretty sure I’ll grab a brightly colored zipper and make a pouch for something. Travel toiletries? Drawing pencils? Coffee stand punch cards? Who knows! I just know that I’ll enjoy its colorful playfulness.

embroidered black and white coffee fabric

I’ll be back on Saturday with a recipe you might want to make for your Sunday brunch. See you then!


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